Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Cookies?

 There is not an exact formula, but our cookies are best consumed in 5-7 days, but can be eaten up to 14 days. They can also be frozen and then thawed at room temperature.  If you are ordering and planning on distributing these yourself, please contact us for a ship date or plan to get them to the recipient immediately upon receipt.  We want to make sure every experience with our cookies is the best it can be!

Can I Order Cookies For A Special Event?

Sure! Cookies make a great addition to any special event, birthdays, showers, corporate events, graduations, wedding favors, etc. Just send us an email with the details and we will contact you with our suggestions.

Why Don't You Ship Past Wednesday?

Even though priority shipping with the USPS is normally 2 days, there is always the chance that it could take 3  or more days due to unforeseen circumstances. With that in mind, we don't want your cookies sitting in the postal warehouse over the weekend. If you need to have your cookies delivered by a specific date, please contact us for other shipping options.

Do You Sell Wholesale?

Yes, we do sell some of our cookies wholesale. Please Contact Us for details at 336-497-1327.

Can I Order Cookies Out Of Season?

Of Course!  All cookies on the website are available to order however we may not have them available at the market for general sale.