About Us

Cookie Gurlie makes gourmet cookies with the adult cookie lover in mind. Our cookie selections will bring back fond childhood memories with a fun twist. We use the finest ingredients bringing unique flavors to your taste buds. We use non-gmo, unrefined pure cane sugar, eggs and butter from local farmers and the freshest spices from the local spice vendor. Our vanilla flavoring is even made in-house.

Cookie Gurlie's cookie selections change with the seasons but will always include our most popular cookies.

How We Got Started

Cheryl, aka Cookie Gurlie, always baked, even as a child. Her mother reminded her that her first attempt at baking was indeed a chocolate chip cookie. She broke away from baking as she got older, but her love of cooking continued to grow by watching and learning from her grandmother, mother and aunties in the kitchen.

Cheryl also attended culinary school in the Washington, D.C. metro area and was the owner of a small catering company called Table for Two.

Several years ago, a family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When Cheryl would visit, she would request homemade cookies with crazy flavor combinations to awaken her taste buds that had changed due to the side effects of treatment. Cheryl rose to the challenge.

Cheryl would sample her new creations with friends, neighbors and co-workers, making adjustments based on the feedback she received. Word of Cheryl's delicious cookies began to spread and people offered to pay Cheryl for her cookies. The Cookie Gurlie was born or according to Cheryl's mother, re-born!

Cookie Gurlie cookies are known for blending traditional baking with innovative flavor combinations for a truly superior and surprising taste.

We make a perishable product without preservatives because we believe in the principles of purity and freshness in food. Our cookies are always baked from scratch.